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Click on the appropriate first letter of the trade name that you require, then on the company name to see further details.

Alphabetical list of Trade Names ~ T

T&R Welding consumables, PWP Industrial

T-Cam Thermal camera, Infrared Security Solutions Ltd

T-iV Hand-held cameras, Infrared Security Solutions Ltd

T-Series Tinius Olsen Ltd

T.D´Scale Toilet cleaner, Premiere Products

T.Phoenix Welding products, Bohler Welding Group UK Ltd (Bohler Uddeholm Group)

T11 Troop parachute system, Airborne Systems Ltd

T129 Helicopter, AgustaWestland

T500 Modular passenger terminal seating, OMK Design Ltd

TABREShield Technology for Attenuating Blast Related Energy, Aigis Blast Protection Ltd

TACCS Tracking software, BCB International Ltd

TacG2 Intercom system, Cobham Defence Communications Ltd

Tacisys Geographic data system, Ultra Electronics Ltd (AEP Networks)

Talon ANPR software, NDI Recognition Systems Ltd

TALON Robotics, QinetiQ plc (Corporate Marketing)

Talos Under-car bomb detection system, Intelligent Security Ltd

Tam-Torque Sign fixing clamps, JCS Hi Torque Ltd

Tangi-Flow L & T I Brock & Co Ltd

Tangle Barrier Birmingham Barbed Tape Ltd

Tango GbE tester, Trend Communications Ltd

Tangye Lightweight aluminium hydraulic jacks, Allspeeds Ltd

Tangye Jacks, Arbil Ltd

Tankguard Electronic indicating and level alarm unit, Afriso Eurogauge Ltd

Tankmate Self powered tank gauge, Afriso Eurogauge Ltd

Taperflo Gelatin sealed tapered ePTFE graft, Vascutek Ltd

Tarax Lightweight EW system, TRL Technology Ltd

Tasco Binoculars, Bolle Safety

Tavls Terrafix automatic vehicle location system, Terrafix Ltd

Taylors College Study Group

TC A8 Optical fibre cleaver, Tritec Developments Ltd

TC-1 Headset, Clement Clarke Communications Ltd

TC-200 Headset, Clement Clarke Communications Ltd

TC-400 Headset, Clement Clarke Communications Ltd

TC3 Helicopter borne spray set, Vikoma International Ltd

TCM-03 Cable and telephone analyser, Audiotel International Ltd

Tcore Warm-air heater, AmbiRad Ltd

TDK CD-Rs CD recordable media, Ram Peripherals Ltd

Tecal Dri-Block temperature calibrators, Techne

Tecdur Hamilton Erskine Ltd

Tecfoil Remountable frame system for SMT stencils, Tecan Ltd

Technisub Masks, fins, snorkels, Apeks Marine Equipment Ltd

Technitex TechniTex Faraday Partnership

TechnoChair Tract Ltd (Subsidiary of TechnoChair Ltd)

Technolaque High-performance composite products, Attwater & Sons Ltd

Techweld Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd

Teekay Pipe couplings, Teekay Couplings Ltd

TeguFlex Bellows expansion joints, Interflex Hose & Bellows Ltd

Teknoflex Flexible circuit, Teknoflex Ltd

Teksam Mast, Clark Masts Systems Ltd

Telecode Security management system, Siemens Security Products (Siemens Building Technologies)

Telecroscope Ballistic measuring equipment, SABRE Ballistics (SABRE Computers International Ltd)

Telepost Telescopic manual bollard, Heald Ltd (Head Office)

Teletrak Automated Guided Vehicle, E & K Automation Ltd

Teletruk Compact fork-lift truck, JCB (Government and Defence Products)

Teli Alrad Instruments Ltd

TemBreak Moulded case circuit breakers, Terasaki Electric (Europe) Ltd

TemBreak 2 Moulded case circuit breakers, Terasaki Electric (Europe) Ltd

TemDim 2 Miniature circuit breakers, Terasaki Electric (Europe) Ltd

TemDin Miniature circuit breakers, Terasaki Electric (Europe) Ltd

TemMeasure Multimeters, Terasaki Electric (Europe) Ltd

Tempcal Dry block temperature calibrators, Haven Automation Ltd

TempCO2 Thermal insulating material combined with CO2, Seymour Manufacturing International Ltd

TemPower Temporary distribution assembly, Blakley Electrics Ltd

TemPower Air circuit breakers, Terasaki Electric (Europe) Ltd

TemPower 2 Air circuit breakers, Terasaki Electric (Europe) Ltd

Tempro Thermal insulating material, Seymour Manufacturing International Ltd

Tempro Dome Inflatable cold store, Seymour Manufacturing International Ltd

TemProtect Earth leakage relays, Terasaki Electric (Europe) Ltd

TemTransfer Change over controllers, Terasaki Electric (Europe) Ltd

TemWay Distribution systems, Terasaki Electric (Europe) Ltd

Tenjford Steering gear, Rolls-Royce plc (Marine)

Tensabarrier Flexible webbing barrier system, Tensator Ltd

Tensaguide Fixed beam barrier system, Tensator Ltd

Tensatechnology Technological products for queuing environments, including digital signage., Tensator Ltd

Tensium Polyester strapping, M J Maillis UK Ltd

Teresvia Gas management software, Cryoservice Limited

Terex Demag Cranes & Components Ltd

Termilock Cable screen termination backshell, Icore International Ltd (Part of the Zodiac Group)

Teroson Henkel Ltd

Terostat Factory applied vapour barrier and coating, Pittsburgh Corning (UK) Ltd (Industrial)

TERPROM Ground proximity warning system. ACES5 ejection seat., UTC Aerospace Systems

Terra Barrier Automatic hydraulic barrier, Frontier Pitts Ltd

Terra Blocker Road blocker, Frontier Pitts Ltd

Terra Bollard Hydraulic rising bollard, Frontier Pitts Ltd

Terra Diamond Turnstile Frontier Pitts Ltd

Terra Gate Sliding gate, Frontier Pitts Ltd

Terra Road Closer Hinged gate, Frontier Pitts Ltd

Terra Sliding Cantilevered Gate Frontier Pitts Ltd

Terra Ultimate Barrier PAS 68 drop arm barrier-7500kg @50mph, Frontier Pitts Ltd

Terrain Blocker High-security road blocker, APT Controls Ltd

TerraLOC Dust abatement system, Monosol AF Ltd

Terratext Through-ground radio modem, WFS Technologies Ltd (Homeland Security and Defence)

Terratooth Through-ground broadband data link, WFS Technologies Ltd (Homeland Security and Defence)

Terrier Heating products, Pegler Yorkshire

TESTFIRE Multi-stimulus detector tester, Detectortesters

TestVue Software for the test and fault finding of electronic circuits, Diagnosys Systems Limited

Tetcol Retort thermometers, Russell Scientific Instruments Ltd

Tetramid Ballistic inserts, LBA International Ltd

Texcel Data collection and system controller., Froude Hofmann Ltd

Textstars Hampson Industries plc

TFP Traffic flow plate, Heald Ltd (Head Office)

TFS Time & Frequency Solutions Ltd

Thales View Visual image generator, Thales UK - Avionics, Training and Simulation

Thermabed Hot water heating for propagation benches, Hotbox International Ltd

ThermaCut Plasma cutting consumables, PWP Industrial

Thermafold Insulated folding door, Bolton Gate Co Ltd

Thermal Arc Welding equipment, Thermadyne Industries Ltd

Thermal Dynamics Plasma-cutting equipment, Thermadyne Industries Ltd

Thermanit Welding products, Bohler Welding Group UK Ltd (Bohler Uddeholm Group)

Thermax Cochran Ltd

ThermBright Targets Unpowered thermal targets, MJ Services (GB) Ltd

Thermet High temperature electrodes, Metrode Products Ltd

Thermo 50 Diesel-fired water heater, Webasto Product UK Ltd (Global Comfort Solutions)

Thermo 90 Diesel-fired water heater, Webasto Product UK Ltd (Global Comfort Solutions)

Thermoclave LBBC Ltd (LBBC Technologies)

Thermosom Axter Ltd

Thiele Chain and components, Arbil Ltd

Thin Cell Lithium manganese dioxide batteries, Ultralife Corporation (UK)

Thinsulate Thermal and acoustic insulation, 3M United Kingdom plc

Thomas Pumps and compressors, Gardner Denver Ltd (Thomas & Elmo Rietschle)

Thomasson Ram, Clucas MOE Ltd

THOR Vehicle-mounted Starstreak missile, Thales UK - Land Defence

Thor Thor Hammer Co Ltd

Thor Low-level laser therapy equipment, Thor Photomedicine Ltd

Thorace Thor Hammer Co Ltd

Thorex Thor Hammer Co Ltd

Thorlite Thor Hammer Co Ltd

ThreadNeedle Corporatewear, William Sugden & Sons Ltd

Three Crowns Hull Cartridge Co Ltd

THURBON (TM) EW data management system, MASS

TI-Technology Innovative fabric design system that optimises protection, A W Hainsworth & Sons Ltd

TiCAM Handheld thermal imaging binoculars, Thermoteknix Systems Ltd

TIDV - unique automatically diverting tyre inflator, giving high pressure/flow from the vehicle compresso, CB Developments (Tyre Mobility) Ltd

Tigerrack Shelving systems, Doity Engineering Ltd

Tile´N´Tap Bathroom cleaner, Premiere Products

Timelox Access control, ASSA ABLOY Door Solutions

TIMS AA battery powered illuminated marking system, KDBC Developments Ltd t/a Linear Guidance

Tinius Olsen MP600 Tinius Olsen Ltd

Tinius Olsen Super ´L´ Series Tinius Olsen Ltd

Tintometer Visual colorimeter, The Tintometer Ltd (Lovibond Water Testing)

Tirfor Lifting and pulling machines, Arbil Ltd

Titan RF paging system, A & R Electronics Developments Ltd

TITAN K12 + UK pass 68 impact tested road blocker, APT Controls Ltd

Titan Metal bodied weather and vandal-resistant telephone, GAI Tronics (A division of Hubbell Ltd)

TITANLINE Solvent free and solvented epoxies, Gennor (UK) Ltd

TITANSEAL Solvent free and solvented polyurethane, Gennor (UK) Ltd

TITANTHANE Moisure curing urethanes, Gennor (UK) Ltd

Titazel Anti-slip surface coating, Safetytread Ltd

Tiu Thermal cameras, Pyser-SGI Ltd (Defence/Security Products Division)

TIX 21 A modular, scaleable processing system for tactical data links, Northrop Grumman - C41 Civil and Defence

TLC Helilift Helicopter ground-handling unit, TLC Handling Ltd

TLSFX PDH Enterprises

TMC 1450 Terrafix Mobile Computer 1450, Terrafix Ltd

Tobias Alrad Instruments Ltd

Tolni Wall thermometers, Russell Scientific Instruments Ltd

TOMS Television over military satellite, Astrium Limited

Ton Range Automatic desalinator, Seafresh Desalinators Ltd

Ton-Tel Weighbridges, Griffith Elder & Co Ltd

Tooltrak Rubber tracked tool carrier, Loglogic

Top Flight Workwear, William Sugden & Sons Ltd

Topdrawer Barton Storage Systems Ltd

Topfix Axter Ltd

Toplite Handheld searchlight, The Wolf Safety Lamp Company Ltd

Topmesh Barton Storage Systems Ltd

Toprax Shelving, Barton Storage Systems Ltd

TOPS Tactical Operational Shelter, Deenside Limited

Topshelf Barton Storage Systems Ltd

Topslide Hoerbiger-Origa Ltd

Topstep Barton Storage Systems Ltd

Topstore Small parts storage, Barton Storage Systems Ltd

Toptruck Barton Storage Systems Ltd

Toptube Barton Storage Systems Ltd

Tornado Vertical automated storage unit, Herts Mechanical Handling Services Ltd

Tornado Powered air purifying respirators, Scott Health & Safety Ltd

Torpress Airspring bellows, Interflex Hose & Bellows Ltd

Torq-Master AC soft start controller, Ralspeed Ltd

TorqSense Rotary torque sensor, Sensor Technology Ltd

Torqueleader Torque tool range, MHH Engineering Co Ltd

TorqueMaster Torque calibration equipment, MHH Engineering Co Ltd

TorqView Virtual instrumentation display software, Sensor Technology Ltd

Torro Hose clips, NORMA UK Ltd

Torso Fit Lowe Alpine UK Ltd

Totaltide Tidal prediction software, The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office

Tots Air defence computer system, Advanced System Architectures Ltd

Touch and Go Random search selector, Hoyles Electronic Developments Ltd

Touchclave Systems LTE Scientific Ltd

Touchclave-Lab LTE Scientific Ltd

ToughStore Cabinets, Jo Bird & Co Ltd

Towerack Palletower (GB) Ltd

TowerPlus 2 door controller, Innovative Electronic Technology Ltd

Tracker Torch, Peli Products (UK) Ltd

Trackpoint IIM USBL tracking system, Kongsberg Geoacoustics Ltd

Trackrack Roadway laying equipment, FAUN TRACKWAY (A member of the KIRCHHOFF Group)

Tracmats Vehicle bridging ladder, The Grating Company Ltd

Trailerscope Electronic towing aid, RKW Associates

Trailertrak Unisto Encrypta (Electronic Seals)

Traiload Trailers Trailers and traffic management equipment, King Trailers Ltd

Trakker Vehicle chassis, Iveco Defence Vehicles

Transair Compressed air pipework system, Legris Ltd

Transform Data collection and analysis software, Terrington Data Management

Transgard Coating for transport, Leighs Paints

Translite Illuminated control panels., Paramount Panels (UK)

Transmag Mobile degaussing range, Ultra Electronics Ltd (PMES)

TransPower Power transformer, Blakley Electrics Ltd

Transtube MRM Medical Wire & Equipment Co (Bath) Ltd

Transwab MRM Medical Wire & Equipment Co (Bath) Ltd

Transwab NRS Medical Wire & Equipment Co (Bath) Ltd

Transwabs Medical Wire & Equipment Co (Bath) Ltd

Tranzcube Temperature controlled transport solutions, Aerotrim (Westbury) Ltd (Incorporating Polar Thermal Products Ltd)

TRAP Trials recording and analysis system, MASS

Traumastem Haemostat and bacteriostat, NuTec Medical Ltd

Travel-Safe The General Medical Centre

TRAX Modular passenger terminal seating, OMK Design Ltd

Traxpanels TPA Trax Portable Access

Treadgrip Anti-slip stair tread cover and stair nosing, The Grating Company Ltd

Tredaire Carpet underlay, Interfloor Ltd (Floormaster Division)

Trekker 6x6 landrover, Penman Engineering Limited

Trelawny Surface preparation equipment, Trelawny SPT Ltd

Trent Gas turbine engine, Rolls-Royce plc (Marine)

Treston Storage equipment, Static Safe Environments (Kite Connexion Ltd)

TRG-SPP Suppressed sniper rifle, Law Enforcement International Ltd

Triax Sokkia Ltd

Trident Neptune Deck de-scaling equipment, Trelawny SPT Ltd

TRIGON Helicopter handling system, MacTaggart, Scott & Company Limited

Trijicon Gun sights., Beechwood Equipment

Trinergy 200-9600kva, Emerson Network Power (Products & Services)

Tripatch Wraparound reinforced cable repair system for damaged insulation, Resintech Ltd

Triplepoint Lowe Alpine UK Ltd

TriSeal Technology, H J Hall

Trislander Aircraft, Britten-Norman (A member of B-N Group Ltd)

Tritainer Water tank, Franklin Hodge Industries Ltd

Triton MRV Workclass ROV, Perry Slingsby Systems Ltd

Triton SP Workclass ROV, Perry Slingsby Systems Ltd

Triton T1000 Cable ROV, Perry Slingsby Systems Ltd

Triton T500 Cable ROV, Perry Slingsby Systems Ltd

Triton ZX Workclass ROV, Perry Slingsby Systems Ltd

Trojan Copper-nickel-silicon, Columbia Metals Ltd

Trojan HPP (UK) Ltd

Trovan Trovan ID UK

TrueDos Pump, Grundfos Pumps Limited (Dosing & Disinfection (Water Treatment))

Truflo Valve, Shipham Valves (A division of Flow Group Ltd)

Trunked Radio Radio network recorder, Nice Systems

Trust Truck driving simulator, Thales UK - Avionics, Training and Simulation

TRUTEST Test smoke detector sensitivity, Detectortesters

TS2000 Trailer stand, Caljan Rite-Hite Ltd

TSC-3 High purity flame fused quartz, Saint-Gobain Quartz Ltd

TSI Runflat tyre insert, Runflat International Ltd

TSI Tyre support inserts Runflats, Runflat International Ltd

TSID Thermal Shock Induced Deflagrator, Disarmco Ltd

TSS Thermal sighting system, Infrared Security Solutions Ltd

TST Bowie dick test packs, control integrators, Albert Browne Ltd

TT Water heaters and boilers, Lochinvar Ltd

TTC Temporary traffic calming rubber cable protectors, Vulcascot Ltd

Tufftride Nitrocarbonising, Keighley Laboratories Ltd

Tufnol Laminated plastics materials, Tufnol Composites Ltd

Tufset Polyurethane engineering plastics material, Tufnol Composites Ltd

Tufshield Polyurethane coatings, Permali Gloucester Ltd

Tuftane Polyurethane films, Permali Gloucester Ltd

Tugmaster Aircraft towing tractor, ro-ro/terminal tractor, Douglas Equipment (A business unit of Curtiss-Wright Flow Control (UK)

Tulip Planning software, Lockheed Martin UK Integrated Systems & Solutions Ltd

Tunable Pipelined Frequency Transform Filter bank, RF Engines Ltd

Tungum Alloy tubing, Tungum Ltd

TurboCharger Water heaters, Lochinvar Ltd

Turbolite 250W pneumatic lamp, The Wolf Safety Lamp Company Ltd

Turboweld Welding equipment, SIP (Industrial Products) Ltd

Turnex Fastener extraction systems, Turnex Tools Ltd

Turngrove B.O.B. Stevenson Ltd

TUT Terrafix Universal Tracker, Terrafix Ltd

Tutorkit Microelectronics training systems, Limrose Group Ltd

TVC 3000 Terrafix vehicle computer, Terrafix Ltd

TVC 4000 Terrafix vehicle computer, Terrafix Ltd

TVS Tool and vacuum system, Trelawny SPT Ltd

Tweco MIG torches and consumables, Thermadyne Industries Ltd

Twiilweave Abdominal use, Vascutek Ltd

Twin Combi Cliq Electronic master key system, ASSA ABLOY Door Solutions

Twin-Therm Roof and wall cladding system, CA Group Limited

Twin-Therm FireWall LCPB EXT - A15 &A30 solutions, CA Group Limited

TwistOn Field installable BNC connectors, Vitelec Electronics Ltd

TxtReveal Detica Ltd

Ty-Lok Safety bands, Runflat International Ltd

Tyco Structured cabling materials, Regal Communications Ltd

Tygashield Thermal protection for process industries, Fothergill Engineered Fabrics

Tygasil Fabrics for thermal protection and insulation for heavy process industries, Fothergill Engineered Fabrics

Tyglas Thermal protection for process industries, Fothergill Engineered Fabrics

Tyglas FB Coated fabrics for fireblankets, Fothergill Engineered Fabrics

Tyglas VC General insulation, valve covers and expansion joints, Fothergill Engineered Fabrics

Tyglass 1000c Thermal protection for process industries, Fothergill Engineered Fabrics

Type 73 Mast, Clark Masts Systems Ltd

Type PU Mast, Clark Masts Systems Ltd

Typhoon Ventilating fan, Godiva Ltd

Tyrekiller High-security barrier, APT Controls Ltd

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