Outdoor detection systems introduced by Pyronix

The high-mount XDH10TT-AM has been developed and manufactured by Pyronix with reliability and usability in mind. 

The wired outdoor detector combines advanced and established technologies to deliver maximum functionality and performance in even the most extreme conditions, thanks to its IP55 weather-resistant rating.

Providing 10m volumetric coverage at an optimal installation height of 2.4m, the XDH10TT-AM is designed for residential, industrial and commercial use. It consists of two independent Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors and one microwave sensor in one common housing.

To cut down on the risk of false alarms even further, the XDH10TT-AM also features anti-sway analytics; an advanced filter that allows the XD to distinguish between the movement of trees and plants from that of an intruder. In addition, Blue Wave Technology (BWT) features including digital temperature compensation and automatic sensitivity allow it to adapt to its environment and maintain performance.

The XDH10TT-AM also uses patented Grade 3 and Grade 4 technologies, to provide complete peace of mind that a property is secured. This includes anti-masking to protect against any attempts to mask any of the three technologies within it from a variety of materials. It also includes anti-blocking, which prevents the system from being armed if there is anything blocking the field of vision of any one of the sensors within the detector. This blockage would need to be removed before the system will arm.

Installation is also optimised, thanks to its walk-test buzzer, selectable EOL resistors and pre-drilled cable entries. It has flexible mounting options, a consistent and uniformed style and sealed optics, to help protect entrances, gardens, fences, walls, outbuildings, alleys, aisles and more.

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