Progress in post-Brexit security plans with EU

The UK's commitment to pursuing a UK-EU security partnership following Britain's withdrawal next year has been welcomed by EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier.


The  'Framework for the UK-EU Security Partnership' policy paper has been produced, in which the UK expressed its unconditional commitment to European security. Britain aims to develop a new security partnership with the EU which goes beyond any existing third country arrangements, the paper explains.


According to the report, there are a number of factors that mean that security efforts will require the UK to work together with the EU, such as geographical proximity and volume of cross border movements. It also covers the common challenges faced by the two powers, given that terrorism and serious crime are not confined by borders.


The UK's proposal suggests the preparation of a new internal security treaty, which would rely on some of the areas in which there are already legal precedents to underpin the fundamentals of the agreement. Further, co-operation at the current level can be sustained based on existing EU measures, which the report argues is the most efficient and effective way of achieving shared objectives.


Barnier welcomed the UK's commitment and outlined the mechanisms which could create a framework for future collaboration. He insisted that, fundamentally, a UK-EU security partnership "should be based on an alignment of foreign policy objectives, rather than short term and ad hoc interests". Barnier agreed that the basis of the agreement could be found in existing EU legislation. 


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