Warriors to the rescue

An attempted ram-raid using a 7.5-tonne truck complete with tail-lift was thwarted thanks to the strength of Warrior Doors on a Jeweller's shop in Birmingham. 


A local bus driver who witnessed the whole event said, "As I came around the corner I couldn't go any further because the lorry was just sat there blocking the road. I sounded my horn for him to move over but he wouldn't, he then suddenly drove forward across the road at an angle and reversed at high speed towards the shop."


The eyewitness said that the driver attempted to go penetrate the shop windows four times before getting through. "They did even got away with much – just a few silver and gold necklaces," said the owner of the shop. "If they had got in straight away they would have taken a lot more."


Brett Barratt, company director, Warrior Doors said: "I have never seen anything like it. What that truck did was no different to an act of terrorism – it's beyond robbery and the sentences should reflect it.


"Serious crimes such as these should should be dealt with seriously – with mandatory life sentences when vehicles are used in these types of attack," he added. "This levelled crime has almost become socially acceptable."


As soon as the forensics team had finished their work, the Warrior workforce began to board up the shop front and the premises were secured. Despite there being a few dents in the frame, the front door was still working, with one of the engineers joking it was better than it was before!"


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